About Me

Hello! I am currently serving as a Research Engineer at the FAIR team within Meta AI. Since joining the team in 2018, I have had the opportunity to delve into a broad spectrum of AI topics. My work has spanned Reinforcement Learning (RL), Generative Conversational AI (which has now evolved into LLM), Safety and Responsible AI, and Core Machine Learning research.

Before joining Meta AI, I earned a Master’s degree specializing in Machine Learning from Telecom ParisTech and University Paris 6. My academic journey has always been driven by a keen interest in both engineering and AI research. I am excited to continue exploring these fields and contributing to the advancements in AI technology.

I publish under the name Da JU.

Research Interest



In 2015, I finished my undergraduate in Information Science and Engineering at Southeast University, Nanjing, China. I wrote my Bachelor’s thesis, “High-resolution LED Headlamps Testing System with Web GUI” at L-LAB, Lippstadt, Germany. It documents the development of WiFi based system for controlling cars. The thesis remains Intellectual property of HELLA.

In 2017, I finished my Master’s degree at Telecom ParisTech, Paris, France, focussing on Machine Learning and Humain Computer Interaction. I also recived a second master degree from UPMC university, Paris, France in Data Science.



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